Everything about best

not spoiled or tainted; edible; palatable: The meat was nevertheless excellent following 3 months while in the freezer.

come to no superior, to finish in failure or as being a failure: Her jealous relations explained that she would come to no superior.

make the best of to cope as well as is possible inside the unfavourable instances of (typically in the phrases make the best of a foul occupation, make the best of it)

a compartment or enclosure all over a ship's pumps to create them quickly available and secure them from currently being weakened through the cargo.

Superior is frequent being an adverb in informal speech, Specially after kinds of do: He did good within the exam. She sees great along with her new Eyeglasses. This use will not manifest in formal speech or edited composing, where by the adverb nicely is utilised instead: He did effectively to the test. She sees effectively along with her new Eyeglasses. The adjective great is common just after linking verbs like taste, scent, glance, feel, be, and look: Anything preferences great.

to a considerable extent or diploma (usually employed in combination): a sum well over the quantity arranged; a properly-formulated concept.

had best, could be wisest or most reasonable to; must: You experienced best cellphone your mother to tell her in which you are likely.

richer in gain or attain: When he withdrew with the partnership, he was many thousand dollars to The nice.

Water or pressurized fuel is usually pumped into a nonproducing oil perfectly to thrust petroleum sources from underground reservoirs. See also artesian effectively.

Horse Racing. (of your floor of a observe) drying after a rain in order to be nonetheless a little sticky: This horse runs best on a superb observe.

Her design, much like her diminutive nickname, is best referred to as “Hamptons twee”—preppy and peppy.

to receive the better of; defeat; defeat: He easily bested his opponent in hand-to-hand overcome. She bested website me in the argument.

anything or somebody that is definitely best: They usually desire and get the best. The best of us might make blunders.

A deep gap or shaft sunk into your Earth to tap a liquid or gaseous material which include water, oil, gasoline, or brine. When the material is not below enough pressure to circulation freely within the effectively, it need to be pumped or lifted mechanically for the floor.

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